Deltang TX 20 Radio Control Throttle

I got interested in controlling trains with radio control, but I didn't like the airplane controller,

so I searched for a better controller. I finally came to the conclusion I needed to design my own

custom built R/C throttle box. This is how I went about it.

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The airplane controller in my left hand. Thumb
on the reversing stick.

If you are switching cars and using your right
hand to set turnouts or uncouple manually you
can't reach the other stick for throttle control.

The NCE Power Pro Cab06 is great but
you still can't reach the reverse button
with one handed operation.

TThe NCE power Pro is also great and the reverse
button can easily be reached if you use your right
hand for uncoupling or throwing turnouts, but if
you switch hands again this will be difficult.

I searched the net for a company that sells project boxes and came up with these
VM-Seires Project boxes.
You can order the rubber boots for a better grip. They come in the three colors shown.

This is the Vm-24. I'm using my hand for size
comparison. This is with the boot off.

VM-24 with boot on.

VM-35 without boot.

VM-35 with boot.

VM-36 without boot.

VM-36 with boot.

All three sizes with the rubber boot cover on.

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