Logging Engine Terminal

The first module to be built will be the logging engine terminal. The plan comes from
Model Railroader December 1963 issue. I decided to start with this one since it was pretty
flat and not having done any track work or turnout building in quanity I figured this would
be the best start. A new concept called "TOMA", aka The "One Module" Approach, will be
employed. This was conceived by Joe Fugate in his approach to building his second Siskiyou
Line. You can catch up on all of the discussion here: TOMA Principal

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Page from Dec. 1963 MR showing
plan and a nice picture of the layout.

Using DesignSpark Mechanical 3D CAD
I drew up what the module will look like.

Showing inside bracing for 1/2" thick plywood to set on.

General dimensions of module using
1/2" thick by 5 3/4" clear pine.

Two layers for the top, orange is the 1/2" plywood. Gray is the 1/2" Homasote.

Assembled parts with dimensions of the finished module.

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