Logging Engine Terminal

The construction of the first model begins. I'm using clear pine, Kreg pocket screws, 1/2" thick plywood and 1/2" thick Homasote.

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The layout frame assembled with Kreg pocket screws.

The two center pieces had 3" dia. holes cut in them. One side was drilled & sawed halfway through. I'm using my Bridgeport as a drilling machine.

Boards are flipped over and cut through.

Cutting from both sides assures a nice finished. There is no broken out wood when the saw comes through the other side.

Parts dry assembled, ready for the pocket screw holes to be drilled.

Drilling the pocket hole screws.

After assembling the sides the plywood and Homasote is cut to size.

I used regular wood glue and a brad nailer to fasten the plywood to the frame.

Same procedure for the Homasote. A bit of glue on the outer edges and some brad nails to hold it in place. The layout frame is done and ready to layout the track.

I drew 1" squares to help layout the track plan using N scale cork roadbed.

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