Eddy Current Transmission Drive

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I came across this idea on a British website, RMweb. At post #160 the Australian ModelTorque was mentioned.
(NOTE: The link to the Model Torque website doesn't work any more. I've removed the link.)
I spent almost one year trying to find out how this thing worked. I knew it used magnets, but how? After much research the light bulb went on.
They had mentioned in that post about "eddy current". A Google search revealed all sorts of info on "eddy current".
I found K & J Magnetics has a great Blog describing how eddy current works. Saves me much typing in trying to explain how it all works.

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Eddy Current Transmission Drive

I won't bore with all the research and test platforms I built to get to this bench mark. I believe I have come up with a test bed chassis where I can test differentstrength magnets and different configurations of this unique drive system for model railroading.

Eddy Current Transmission Drive Parts

The major points of interest have been pointed out. Miniature ball bearings are used in the drive line to the gear towers. Somewhere down the R & D line I will add ball bearings to the drive axles and gear tower.

Eddy Current Clutch Parts

This is the major part of the eddy current drive. If you have visited the K & J Magnetics blog you will have an understanding of how this works so I won't go into how it functions. The diameter of the whole clutch is 3/4". the length is .800" with .500" length for the part that holds the magnets and .300" for the other part. Miniature ball bearings are used for smooth running. The size of these bearings are 3/32" X 3/16" X 3/32" and can be bought atVBX Ball Bearing. and are part number R133ZZ. The neodymium magnets are 3/16" X 3/16" axially magnetized and nickel plated. They are secured in the holes with Loctite© #290 Threadlocker.

I've recently (11-16-2017) checked the website of ModelTorque, a Business Unit of PayTel Australia Pty. Ltd., and found it no longer
is a viable site. Before there departure from the web I was able to copy five pdf files of the product they sold. The first file describes
how their product worked. The two showed how to install their system in an Atheran Blue Box engine.
The last two show some paramters in actual use.

Concept of a Torque Converter 

Instalation Instructions 

Instalation Instructions 

Information Bullitin - 1 

Information Bullitin - 2 

Below are five video's I made of the Model Torque drive. The "noise maker" you here is an old Modeltronics Diesel sound unit. A voltage driven frequency generator.