FTB Modification

Shortening a Stewart FT B unit per Erie-Lackawanna

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The B unit on the left has been modified. The one on
the right will be the subject of this series of pictures.

Left unit had been modified. Right unit is not modified.

The rear steps get cut off. They will not
be needed. A block of wood that fits snuggly inside the
with slots in it at the point of where the shell gets cut helps steady the shell while sawing.

The rear of the B unit gets cut off a little proud of the
rivet line on the side. Cut down as far as the saw will allow.

Next pick up the cut on the side, again proud of the row
of rivets going down the side. Scribe a line with a sharp knife.

Follow the scribed line and saw through the side.

Again saw as far through the side as the saw will allow.

Saw as far as the saw will allow though the roof section.

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